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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mystery of the Desert Giant by F. Dixon

Dixon, F. (1961). Mystery of the Desert Giant.  Grosset & Dunlap Publishers: New York.
Awards: None
Annotation: Frank and Joe Hardy help out their detective father track down what happen to a disappearance of Clifford Wetherby and Willard Grafton when their plane is found in Blythe, California near the desert giants made by the American Indians.
Book Talk: Frank and Joe Hardy are giving an assignment to find missing Willard Grafton. Their investigation takes them to the desert where mysterious giants are mapped out on the ground by ancient American Indians. 

The boys and their friend Chet discover a ring of criminals that lead them across the border into Mexico. Can the boys unravel the mystery and find what happen to Willard Grafton? Will the boy be able to stop a ring of counterfeiters and solve the complex mystery?
Westly, age 17: What do you like about Mystery Novels? They make me think more than other books to find out who done it.