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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The House on Mango Street by S. Cisneros

Cisneros, S. (1984). The House on Mango Street. Vintage Contemporaries: New York.
Awards:  American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation in 1985
Annotation: Story is told in a series of vignettes or journal entries of a young girl growing up in the Latino section of Chicago.
Cover design by Lorraine Louie
Cover illustration by Nivia Gonzalez

Review: Esperanza tells many short stories about her life living on Mango Street in a rundown neighborhood in Chicago. The short stories give you an insight in her life and how she grew up.
Her thoughts are express in a way that you can feel her pain and sorrow on how her and her family dealing with normal everyday life.
The novella includes insight to her neighbors and depicts the neighborhood in which she lives and the affect it has on her life.
This is only a glimpse into Esperanza life in The House on Mango Street. Check this book out from your local library to read more!