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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Treasure by S. Anderson

Anderson, J.S. (2003). The Last Treasure. Dutton Children’s Books: New York.
Annotation: This is a coming of age mystery novel of thirteen-year-old Ellsworth Smith and fourteen-year-old Jess who must find the last hidden treasure left behind by John Matthew Smith, the family’s patriarch.

Book Talk: Ellsworth and his father have been moving around the country living in motels while his father completes his book on the Smith family. On his birthday, he receives a mysterious request from Elizabeth a distant cousin to return back to the Square John Matthew built for his wife and their thirteen children.
Jess is also is sent to live on the Square by her mother and is feeling lonely and abandon by her family. Between the two of them they have to discover the hidden secrets and sorrows and work through their pain to solve the mystery. Can Ellsworth and Jess work through the hidden dangers and ghosts find the last hidden treasure to save the houses on the square?
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By Tim Zeltner/