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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Horror/Mystery: R.L. Stine's Rotten School: Party Poopers

Stine, R.L. (2006). Rotten School: Party Poopers. Harper Collins Publisher: New York.
Awards: 2002 Champion of Reading Award from the Free Public Library of Philadelphia
                Disney Adventure Kids’ Choice Award for Best-Mystery/Horror (Three-time
                Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (Three-time recipient)
                Thriller Writers of America Silver Bullet Award in 2007
Annotation:  Party Poopers is part of the Rotten School series of horror fiction novels. 
Review: “Graphic Form”
Bernie Bridges wants to have the hottest girl in fourth grade, April-May June , ask him to the annual girl-invite-boy school dance.  When Bernie confronts her about the dance April-May tells Bernie, “You look like the breakfast I just threw up,” “I’d rather have big red pimples up and down my tongue,” and “I’d rather stick my head in Pooper’s Pond” than go to the dance with him.
The girl that asks Bernie is Jennifer Ecch who Bernie nicknames Nightmare Girl.
Jennifer Ecch is a big girl who likes to “lift a hundred-pound person who is pumping fifty-pound weights.”
Bernie comes up with a brilliant plan to make Jennifer Ecch hate him. “To convince Jennifer to drop me, I could be toe fungus. I could be the biggest creep and loser at Rotten School. Just watch me!”
Bernie’s plan is to throw water balloons at the first grades and have them pretend to wail and cry in front of Jennifer to convince her that he is a looser and a creep the school has ever had.
Does Bernie achieve his goal in dumping Jennifer and getting April-May to ask him to the dance? Read this very funny and classic R.L. Stine novel to find out.
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